Jesus said,
Drink my wine
you will become me
I will become you
and all that is hidden
you will see
with your own eyes.

Drink My Wine, Logion 108, The Gospel of Thomas | For Lovers of God Everywhere by Roger Housden

If you are not anchored in the goodness of God, then you will lower your theology to match your pain.

Christa Black Gifford

You never get to the point where you think “I am the adult”, but you do get to the point where you think “I’ve dealt with this before.” The older you get, the higher and higher the percentage is of things you’ve already been through. Have you ever changed a tire? Had a flat tire? Someday, you might, and the next time it happens, you’ll know what to do, since you’ve already done it.

-My dad. I’m 24, and asked if you ever shake the feeling of not being an adult, and this was his response. Probably the most comforting thing he could have said.

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He’s not a formula, He’s a father.

Ray Hughes 

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We have “evangelistic strategies” because we have failed to love.

Dan Mohler

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If I have a problem, I’m in love. I’m not religious. I don’t have a doctrine. I don’t serve a doctrine. I’m not just “living the Christian faith.” I’m in love. And I have a relationship with Almighty God because He wants it. He made me for it. And He chose to pay the price to move back in and live inside of me. He wants to live here, because He knows what He created me to be. I just didn’t know. So I lived the way I lived and did the things I did ‘cause I just didn’t know. So I lived up to the low value that I had for my life. The low esteem. Low identity. You live up to what you think you’re worth. When a man understands he’s worth the blood and death of Christ, that he can live, it changes the way he thinks and what he gives himself to.

Dan Mohler

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Loving people: this is where it gets real and it’s no longer abstract doctrine. To really love people and restore them, to get in the grit of their lives and lift them off the floor. It’s messy. It’s painful. It’s not romantic. It’s what Jesus did, and they killed him. But it’s what we’re made for.


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It’s one of my biggest prayers, two prayers, not to ever be offended by anybody ever again the rest of my life. And to be the perfect conduit for what the Holy Spirit wants to do.

Michael W. Smith 

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